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Charlotte Executive Search Recruiting Firm - RMA® Charlotte, North Carolina Executive Search & Executive Recruiting

Charlotte Executive Search & Executive Recruiting

Charlotte Executive Search Recruiting Firm

RMA® Charlotte, North Carolina Executive Search Recruit Firm
Resource Management & Acquisitions™ (RMA®) is an international executive search recruiting firm founded on a solid commitment to helping people achieve their dreams and further their ambitions. We assist both executive job seekers and employers in making lasting connections based on compatibility and mutual benefit. In particular, we pride ourselves on our global presence, which enables us to offer executive recruiting services in locations throughout the world, including Charlotte, North Carolina. At our Charlotte branch, RMA® executive search consultants utilize their extensive knowledge of local industries to inform their recruiting strategies and create ideal executive dream teams that benefit both our executive job seekers and client firms looking to optimize their companies by hiring leaders with vision, drive, and experience.

Local Executive Job Market In Charlotte, North Carolina:
Within Charlotte’s job market, finance, banking, energy, government, business services, education, automotive and freight transportation play prominent roles in shaping the local workforce. Our executive search recruiters are adept at filling leadership positions within a variety of industries and their expertise encapsulates several associated subsectors. Since Charlotte, North Carolina is one of the largest financial centers in the U.S., many Charlotte, executive candidates typically are trained in the finance and business service industries and in overseeing a labor force proficient in skills particular to their industry, such as those necessary to the capital markets, investment banking, and the energy sector. Through the city’s economic development strategy focused on expanding workforce skills and encouraging small and local business growth and green initiatives, Charlotte’s executive candidates have more incentive to seek local job opportunities with growing firms. Drawing upon this pool of skilled executives RMA’s executive recruiters can build our clients tailored executive teams that will provide them with a concrete return on their investment.

Charlotte, NC Executive Search & Executive Recruiting Solutions:
RMA® has developed three key executive recruiting solutions that maximize an employer’s exposure to qualified executive candidates: Executive Search Recruiting, Management Recruiting, and Retained Executive Search Recruiting. Our Executive Search Recruiting service assesses viable candidates within the Charlotte job market and provides employers with a selection of vetted job seekers whose skillset and industry knowledge satisfy the requirements of a given leadership position. Our Management Recruiting compares an executive candidate’s proficiencies and experience to the essential prerequisites of a manager or director level role. Our Retained Executive Search Recruiting combines refined researching techniques with our own unique evaluation strategies, including background analysis, skill exams, and profiling, among others, to gauge an executive job seeker’s compatibility across a variety of levels, such as company culture, leadership style, business approach, and potential for success within the specific employer’s firm. In addition, RMA® also offers clients in Charlotte, NC access to our Mergers & Acquisitions service, which has gained recognition for providing thorough M&A solutions with a human touch. Unlike other firms that participate in hostile buyouts and takeovers, RMA® maintains a highly ethical M&A approach designed to preserve the reputations and integrity of both our client firm as well as the acquired firm. Our M&A staff members have also been specially trained in creating stable environments for transitioning employees as well as in managing the overall acquisitions process in an efficient and competent manner.

Experience, Industry Expertise & World-Class Executive Search Consulting:
For more than 20 years, Resource Management & Acquisitions has excelled at uniting exceptional job seekers with successful employers in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our international network of over 500 executive search recruiters operating in 60 locations around the world cultivates knowledge of 30 primary industries and has exclusive access to business opportunities and executive candidates that further our mission to assist job seekers and companies in making lasting connections. Whether you are an executive looking for new opportunities or an employer, RMA® stands ready to help you achieve your professional objectives.

Contact Our Charlotte, NC Executive Search Firm:
Employers & Hiring Authorities: Contact RMA® today to get top executive candidates for your open positions! For more information about our executive recruitment solutions, please contact us through one of the following three methods:

Job Seekers & Executive Candidates: Register online and submit your resume by completing the Executive Candidate Registration form. Once we have identified an opportunity that fits your experience and skill sets, we'll contact you to see if you are interested.


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Charlotte Executive Search Recruiting Firm

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