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Work-Life Balance: Learning To Enjoy It
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Work-Life Balance: Learning To Enjoy It - Executive Leadership Articles

Work-Life Balance: Learning To Enjoy It

Executive Leadership Articles

Work-Life Balance: Learning To Enjoy It

If you’ve taken the enviable steps leading to better work-life balance, but against all reason find even the balance lacking, the problem may not be the workload or family commitment but the way you approach and appreciate both. The word workaholic exists for a reason, and it’s not a good one. While we would never equate an obsessive drive to do more and more in both work and home life to truly addictive dependence on alcohol or other substances, the consequences can feel similar, a kind of helpless feeling of being under the control of stronger forces. Workaholic tendencies can be very difficult to overcome, and they may rob you, even in a state of balance, of the joys that balance is supposed to afford.

Some of it is simply personality, of course. If you are the type to make priority lists of your priority lists, the sort who doesn’t feel at ease until the line of checkmarks is visible all the way down the left margin of the to-do sheet, that’s unlikely to change just because you’re not at work. You have to-do lists for work and you probably have them for family life and for fun. There’s nothing wrong with this if the result is some kind of satisfaction as you define it. Just ask yourself if satisfaction is accompanied by joy (or by some other nice emotion), because if it’s not, your satisfaction may be with the tasks themselves and not the life those tasks allegedly serve, and all you’ve done is redistribute your workaholic energies so they’re shared evenly—it’s still work, but some of it is cleverly disguised as something else.

Some of it, however, isn’t as deeply rooted as personality; it’s more like conditioned behavior. Perhaps you’ve been pressing toward some goal your whole life, convinced that rest is for the weak, or that your competition is surging ahead while you take a breather. That may have gotten you the career advancement you craved, but there are no real competitions in family life or other kinds of leisure. Those competitions are imagined, if they’re there at all. If this is the case, you’re really just a prime candidate for a forced slow-down, such as experienced by those who unplug for a couple of weeks or remove themselves to remote areas void of work-related temptations. Learning to breathe (metaphorically) deeply and slowly can be very difficult for someone who’s always been on the go, but if we’re not talking about a personality type, it’s absolutely doable. It may take more time if you’ve had the pedal to the metal for a long time, but it’s attainable if you really want it.

And you do really want it, because the whole point to work-life balance is not just having the life but enjoying it, and that means reaping the benefits of your labor, counting your blessings, appreciating the gift that is every moment, and living fully in each moment while you can. Work is the price; life is the reward. If it doesn’t feel that way, it doesn’t matter how balanced your life is.


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Work-Life Balance: Learning To Enjoy It - Executive Leadership Articles

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