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Up In The Cloud: The Expansive Expenses In Cloud Migration
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Up In The Cloud: The Expansive Expenses In Cloud Migration - Executive Leadership Articles

Up In The Cloud: The Expansive Expenses In Cloud Migration

Executive Leadership Articles

Up In The Cloud: The Expansive Expenses In Cloud Migration

Migrating to the cloud is pricey, but just how pricey can often take people by surprise. The surface-level, obvious costs related to research and due diligence are clear at first thought, yet there are considerable expenses lurking right behind those anticipated first moves.

According to a study commissioned by Virtustream and performed by Forrester, companies migrating to the cloud have distinctly more difficult tasks than companies adopting cloud applications. Adoption means possibly adjusting to new applications already optimized for the cloud, while migration means adjusting server-based applications, often unique and proprietary, for the cloud environment, something it may not have been designed for. Many companies make the jump by migrating some apps, but this often results in firms “choosing between cost and performance,” according to survey respondents. One contributor advised, “Start simple. Find low-hanging fruits, low-impact applications. That way, you can see if you can sell the value of migration to the business.”

Additionally, migration skills are rare. Cloud migration’s complexity “requires large teams with diverse skillsets to execute.” If your software is highly specialized or even unique, shifting to the cloud means all kinds of considerations invisible to the untrained eye. And of course, the more specialized the required knowledge, the higher your costs. Migrating to the cloud “almost always requires some rewrite,” according to the survey, and 41% of early migrators are challenged by rewrite costs, calling them “too time- and cost-intensive.” Other cost factors are increases in licensing when apps are moved, support services, finding the “right talent,” and engaging a service provider for mass migration.

Companies making the cloud-jump have two primary concerns: performance and security. We’ve just addressed some of the major performance issues, but security comes with a price as well. Forty-two percent of survey respondents cite security and privacy of personally identifiable information as a challenge in cloud migration, while 33% cite the cost in time and money of modifying security to not be perimeter based. Perimeter-based security, such as firewalls and virus protection, is like having one locked gate to protect everything you own, but other layers of protection, such as data encryption and storing individual data elements in separate locations, mean that one breach doesn’t give away everything. And ss if the technical security requirements aren’t enough, many industries have their own specific requirements for security, often adding another layer of cost.

There’s a lot to recommend cloud computing The top five reasons for migrating applications to the cloud, according to respondents, are (1) freeing up IT time to focus on core differentiators, (2) cost reduction, (3) greater ability to scale up or scale down resources and costs, (4) greater connectivity for a digital transformation, and (5) faster than fixing their own data centers. That’s a wide range of rationale, touching on practicality, philosophy and culture, and adaptability, but those top three are related to cost, and as you can see, those costs are many and diverse.

Reference Links:
Complete study at Virtustream. Free download in exchange for email information. http://www.virtustream.com/lp/2017-current-state-cloud-migration


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Up In The Cloud: The Expansive Expenses In Cloud Migration - Executive Leadership Articles

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