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Up In The Cloud: Keeping An Eye on All Your Cloud Drives
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Up In The Cloud: Keeping An Eye on All Your Cloud Drives - Executive Leadership Articles

Up In The Cloud: Keeping An Eye on All Your Cloud Drives

Executive Leadership Articles

Up In The Cloud: Keeping An Eye on All Your Cloud Drives

“Did I leave that in my OneDrive, my Box, my Amazon drive, or my Google Drive?” If you’re the sort to take advantage of free cloud space wherever you can get it, chances are you’ve asked yourself this question at least once in recent memory. For people like you (that is, people like us!), a convenient way to look at all your drives on one screen is almost a necessity, so we took a few for a test drive.

This review started as a follow-up to our article a few years ago about cloud-to-cloud file management. We looked at three services then, with MultCloud emerging as the easy winner. Certainly, with all the cloud options out there now and more people needing on-the-go access to all their material, new competitors in the field should have sprung up. As useful as MultCloud is at even the free level, transfer times are very slow.

Alas, the offerings in cloud-to-cloud, personal file transfers are meager at best, while more services have sprung up offering multiple cloud management without the cloud-to-cloud transfers. So we took a look at these services, wondering if there might be something better for people who don’t need file-jockeying convenience.

We’d been hearing a lot about odrive, a freemium service with a reasonably priced premium tier ($1.99 per month). The free service lets you connect many cloud services, presenting in a web browser all your drives in a Windows-Explorer-like format in “detailed” view. You can download whatever you need from any connected cloud drive, but at the free level, you cannot upload new files, create new folders, or otherwise make changes. We were also annoyed that the drive names are defaulted at the name on the account, not the name of the service. So if you use the same name for multiple cloud accounts, it’s impossible to tell whether it’s “J Smith” on Box, “J Smith” on Google, or “J Smith” on OneDrive. Maddening, and seemingly unnecessary. For simple where-did-I-put-that-file solutions, it’s not bad at the free tier, but the paid tier seems a bit stark, even at such a nice price.

In fairness, Otixo is much more than a cloud management service. Its cloud management features are one part of an integrated team workspace for collaboration, communication, and project management. It even offers cloud-to-cloud transfers, but file transfers cost about $2 per gigabyte, even at the highest paid tiers. Still, the free level offers very easy overviews of all your cloud storage. Downloads and uploads are for paid users only (beginning at $6.67 per user per month), so what we’re really looking at is a team solution. However, for ease of use, attractive user interface, and pretty neat functionality at paid levels, it’s a service we’d certainly consider, especially for teams whose members are in different locations. Although its free look-at-all-your-cloud-drives service is pretty great, what you get for free from MultCloud (a different service entirely) is superior.

There are several mobile-only and desktop-only apps claiming to have multiple cloud functionality, but this time around, we were looking at web services. We’ll save the mobile apps review for another time. Based strictly on managing and accessing all your cloud drives in one space, there still seems to be no competition for MultCloud.


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Up In The Cloud: Keeping An Eye on All Your Cloud Drives - Executive Leadership Articles

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