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Up In The Cloud: Cloud Failure
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Up In The Cloud: Cloud Failure - Executive Leadership Articles

Up In The Cloud: Cloud Failure

Executive Leadership Articles

Up In The Cloud: Cloud Failure

Evidence of cloud failure in just the past few months:

  • One very widely used cloud service decreased its free storage quota by two thirds (down to 5 GB from 15 GB) and put a cap on a previously unlimited subscription plan.
  • A lesser-known cloud service shut down completely, giving its users (paid and free) thirty days to download their files and find somewhere else to keep them.
  • One of the most popular note-keeping apps in the world cut its features for free accounts while also raising prices (in some cases by fifty percent) on premium accounts.
  • Millions of files at a popular cloud service for storing and sharing photos were finally made available to the subscribers who uploaded them, after months of non-communication and no access by the provider. Users had been promised their photos were still there, but there was no way to tell when they would be available.

These are the shifting sands of the tech landscape, and stories such as these are told every day. The photo service’s founder, who had sold the company some time before but continued to use the service as a customer, said the lesson he learned from the experience was not to trust the cloud with very important stuff, according to an interview on the Reply All podcast. Yes, this is the founder of a cloud storage company saying he is through with trusting the cloud. It’s an understandable response, with the seeming unreliability these services offer as a whole. Services come and go, even from the biggest providers, or the terms of service change, or the services themselves change. So what’s a consumer’s best strategy for dealing with and preparing for this uncertainty?

The photo service founder says he will probably go to a RAID from his home computer. RAID used to stand for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, and it was a strategy for employing multiple lower-cost disks in a kind of automatic backup system. A cheaper disk might fail here or there, but the redundancy meant there was always a copy, and the lower price of multiple, cheaper disks made a RAID more cost-effective and reliable than a more expensive, less failure-prone disk. Nowadays, the concept remains, even while the “inexpensive” part of the equation doesn’t really apply: the “I” in RAID more often stands for “independent” lately. A RAID is a practical solution; alternately, users can simply own multiple external drives and do manual backups to each from time to time (the first day of each month, for example, which ensures that a drive failure will only result in the loss of a month’s worth of files).

Cloud services have their own redundancy in place—they must, or they can’t guarantee the availability of files the way they do—but while that protects the subscriber from a disk failure, it doesn’t protect against financial failure on the part of the provider, or hurried mismanagement of a database, as with the photo cloud service. As a safeguard against this kind of letdown, one option is to subscribe to more than one service. Many of us already do this with multiple free accounts, but rather than keeping photos with one, work documents with another, and music with a third, this option means paying a subscription price for a larger amount of storage with two services, and basically keeping the same files on both. With auto-syncing from your desktop computer, this isn’t difficult to manage, as each service can be set to sync the same directories. There are even services who let you move and sync files from one cloud service to another without first downloading files to your computer, saving disk space and bandwidth.

The problem with both of these safeties is that they defeat one very important feature of cloud storage. None of us really wants to set up and maintain multiple external drives which must sometimes be replaced. None of us wants the hassle of dealing with (and paying for) multiple services. We’re willing to do it, if we must, but one of the reasons we’re drawn to such services is the decrease in our managing files and the increase in our enjoying them. The cloud service industry, in demonstrating continued unreliability, is not delivering what it promises, and this is a huge problem for which there doesn’t seem to be a quick solution. We’re used to taking such similar services for granted, such as our email, which we don’t even think about anymore, so when a newer service comes along, our only real option for waiting through its growing pains while enjoying its benefits is to ride the early days out. We can either deal with the hiccups as they come along, or safeguard against those hiccups.

Reference Link:
Reply All podcast and transcript: https://gimletmedia.com/episode/71-the-picture-taker


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Up In The Cloud: Cloud Failure - Executive Leadership Articles

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