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Top 5 Tips For New Executive Managers
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Top 5 Tips For New Executive Managers - Executive Leadership Articles

Top 5 Tips For New Executive Managers

Executive Leadership Articles

Top 5 Tips For New Executive Managers

A new job is a fresh opportunity for anyone. For new Executive Leaders, taking charge for the first time can be an exciting but sometimes intimidating challenge. While each organization is unique, there are some global strategies that may help a new director or manager prepare for his or her new role.

Set clear goals and standards. A business only succeeds if the entire team is working toward a common goal. It is crucial that Executive Leaders understand what each member of their organization is doing and how that contributes to the goals of the company. Make sure that employees are aware of the objectives and standards of your organization. Furthermore it is also very important that you, as your team's Executive Leader, follows those objectives and standards. Directors and managers help set the tone for professionalism, which in turn provides employees with a clear example to follow.

Be direct. Communication is key in business, whether communication occurs between management and employees, management and clients, or employees and clients. Straightforward communication saves time, prevents confusion and keeps an organization running smoothly. Keep important groups of people (employees, clients, etc.) up-to-date and informed. Encourage employees to communicate directly as well, especially if they are bringing up concerns that affect productivity. As a new Executive Leader, it may feel strange to be in charge but direct, professional communication can be helpful as you establish your authority and earn your team's respect.

Address problems quickly. Even small issues can become pain points if they are not dealt with swiftly. Problem solving is one of the most important (and often most difficult) responsibilities of an executive manager. New managers might feel they should get as much information as possible before solving each problem, but fact-finding should not come at the expense of timeliness. Additionally, don't always depend on employees to bring problems to management. Stay actively involved with all parts of your organization and seek out possible trouble areas. In some cases, an executive manager might need to let an employee go. This may be one of the hardest tasks for a new manager, but as a leader, the health and growth of the organization must come first.

Take responsibility for your decisions. The decisions that you make as an executive manager will play a key role in determining the direction of your company, and not all of those decisions will be easy or 100% successful. It is important, however, that leaders acknowledge the impact of their decisions regardless of the outcome. Blaming unfavorable results on employees who were simply following their manager's orders is a fast way to lose employees' respect. Stand up, say it was not the best decision, and move forward from there.

Planning can't account for everything. Just like in any other area of life, unexpected challenges are just that: unexpected. While a solid management plan tries to take as many variables into account as possible, there will always be issues that pop up, so be flexible and open to new ideas. Encourage your employees to come up with solutions.

Becoming a new Executive Leader can be very exciting, but the learning curve can be high. Actively work to find the perfect balance of clarity, directness, flexibility and decisiveness that fits your company and your staff.


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Top 5 Tips For New Executive Managers - Executive Leadership Articles

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