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Tips For The Traveling Executive: Trip Tips You May Have Missed
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Tips For The Traveling Executive: Trip Tips You May Have Missed - Executive Leadership Articles

Tips For The Traveling Executive: Trip Tips You May Have Missed

Executive Leadership Articles

Tips For The Traveling Executive: Trip Tips You May Have Missed

Over the years, we’ve offered business travelers all kinds of practical and ideal advice, but travel is such a complicated disruption with so many variables that it doesn’t hurt to keep tweaking the details and hacking new uses. Toward even an even better travel experience, here are some unusual tips you might not have considered.

Unusual Tip 1: Don’t Take Taxis (or Ubers)
Book a central hotel that’s near enough for you to walk to restaurants and meetings. The fresh air will do you some good, not to mention the exercise, which many of us neglect when traveling for business. It always feels better to walk off a good meal, and the steps you accumulate are a far better use of your time than waiting for that Lyft to show up. As a bonus, you get to know a place far more intimately when you walk through it, and you’re more likely to find something interesting and fun as souvenirs for the loved ones back home and back at the home office. (From Marla Tabka for Inc.com.)

Unusual Tip 2: Reload Your Starbucks Card with Leftover Currency
You probably already have the Starbucks app on your smartphone, but if you don’t, grab a reloadable gift card. If you have leftover currency when it’s time to return home, hit the airport Starbucks and load your card with it. You’ll effectively convert your money to something you’re going to use anyway when you get back, and you don’t pay a conversion commission. If you’re out of the country often, and if you have little ones at home, you might hold onto some of the cash as a cool souvenir for the kids. Foreign currency is a neat show-and-tell item. (From Dara Continenza for SmartTravel.com.)

Unusual Tip 3: Pack a Roll of Quarters in Your Carry-On
This one goes against the “trim ounces to save pounds” advice we all know and love, but a roll of quarters often comes in handy in airports during layovers and at the hotel during late nights. This is becoming less true each year, with pay phones nearly extinct and many vending machines and parking meters taking credit cards, and often you’ll return home with the quarters still wrapped. Still, there are vestiges of use still around, including newspaper boxes, drink machines, and sometimes those rent-a-cart stations in airports. It misery to find yourself in one of those strange, unusual situations in a faraway town needing a few quarters, and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

Unusual Tip 4: Set Your Watch as Soon as You Board the Flight
Adjusting your timepiece can be especially helpful for travel in distant time zones, but do it even if you’re just one hour away. Set your smartphone, watch, and laptop to the local time at your destination and you get into the right frame of mind for the business you’re about to conduct. It’s a little trick on the mind if you’re going several hours ahead or behind, but it’s also practical, and saves you from having to adjust keep counting forward or back, a simple yet regular activity your brain doesn’t really need to engage in. (From Liz Dahl in USA Today Travel.)

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Tips For The Traveling Executive: Trip Tips You May Have Missed - Executive Leadership Articles

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