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Tips For The Traveling Executive: Smart Travel Accessories
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Tips For The Traveling Executive: Smart Travel Accessories - Executive Leadership Articles

Tips For The Traveling Executive: Smart Travel Accessories

Executive Leadership Articles

Tips For The Traveling Executive: Smart Travel Accessories

Experienced travelers already have their gear in place and ready to go, but even the best systems can always use tweaking, and every component of the go-pack needs replacing eventually. A recent wave of smart travel accessories is worth investigating, whether you’re looking to lighten the load or bring your experience into the 21st Century. For the frequent business traveler, some combination of durability, lightness of weight, and multi-functionality works best, but there is no single option that works best for everyone, so consider your specific needs and preferences, and find the coordination of gear that does it for you. If you’re not in a hurry, consider surfing the latest Kickstarter projects: some of the best innovations for travel are in development (and therefore not immediately available), but with rewards for investors, adopting early means you can be on the cutting edge while earning some coolness points with other road warriors.

For many, travel without a multitude of gadgets is unthinkable, and anything that allows you to work with your essentials (and a few non-essentials, because sometimes it’s about what you want, not what you need) while taking up minimal space in your luggage is a great place to start. The keyword here is “combination,” and there are seemingly limitless combinations of functionality for anyone’s specific needs. If you must travel with a laptop, phone, tablet, and smartwatch, for example, you’ll want backup juice you can plug into each. Simultaneously, if possible. Compact, collapsible devices combining all your cable needs into a small space can not only lighten the load, but decrease cable clutter, an enormous plus. Bluetooth key rings can be paired with multiple devices so that if you’re about to be separated from your gear (by absent-mindedness or by the malevolence of others), a beeping alarm will sound, alerting you to the situation. Consider also phone cases that double as chargers, or slim portfolio-style cases that hold your tablet and usual travel-wallet contents.

If you’re on the go very much, take a look at some of the device-friendly clothing that’s recently become available. Vests or jackets with fifty or seventy pockets aren’t necessarily as dorky-looking as you might think. If you’re picturing those photographers’ vests with compartments all over the exterior, you might be surprised at your other options. Those safari-style photo vests are still out there, many updated to meet the urban business adventurer’s needs with Bluetooth capability, built-in chargers, and pockets of multiple sizes. However, there are models with more than forty internal pockets instead, and depending on what you put in them, observers can’t tell you’re wearing anything other than a normal jacket. Besides eliminating the need for a backpack or attaché, such device-friendly clothing means easier passage through security checkpoints (which are appearing with greater frequency at conventions) or screeners. If you pack your stuff strategically, you can simply remove the jacket, place it on the conveyor belt, and step through the metal detector without having to empty your pants pockets. Options vary in style, heaviness, and customizability, so there is bound to be something that makes the statement you’re shooting for.

Smart luggage is an emerging technology that’s in your near future, and it’s a wonder it’s taken this long. At the very least, look for models that are TSA-approved for carrying on the plane, with built-in trackers so you can keep an eye on them from your phone. Options include internal lighting to make rummaging easier, fingerprint-activated locks, Bluetooth speakers, and built-in device charging. As with your mobile devices, combined functionality and convertibility can be an advantage, with modular carry-on bags that detach to serve as briefcases or day-packs, or expand from carry-on size to suitcase size. One still-in-development model, when paired with your smartphone, will even roll behind you without your having to pull it. Here is where crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo can open your eyes to fun, useful possibilities. As of this writing, there are more than seventy luggage (and luggage-related) items on Kickstarter.

While much of the emerging technology for frequent travelers is gimmicky, keep in mind that early-stage gimmickry leads to later-stage practicality, and anything that makes your business travel easier, less stressful, or more enjoyable is something to look into.


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Tips For The Traveling Executive: Smart Travel Accessories - Executive Leadership Articles

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