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Tips For The Traveling Executive: Dealing With Bad Weather
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Tips For The Traveling Executive: Dealing With Bad Weather - Executive Leadership Articles

Tips For The Traveling Executive: Dealing With Bad Weather

Executive Leadership Articles

Tips For The Traveling Executive: Dealing With Bad Weather

A long time ago, on a nationally broadcast children's program, a young boy is upset to learn that his class field trip has been canceled because of bad weather. Enraged, the boy runs outside into the rain and attempts to fight the rain, hurling punches at the falling drops until he's exhausted. In a show famous for its lessons on grammar, spelling, cooperation, and tolerance, here was a rare, honest, truly practical lesson for its young viewers: the weather is going to infuriate you, and you can't do anything about it.

While it remains true that we can't do anything about the weather itself, we have at least learned to deal with it. When bad weather means canceling a day at the park or a weekend of yardwork, we adjust and move on. But when bad weather threatens important business travel, we sometimes have difficulty finding the same flexibility. Business happens, and if we let every little thunderstorm alter our courses, we'd lose a third of the year in some parts of the country. Sometimes, we just figure out a way.

If the weather is forecast to be historically bad, consider canceling the trip. Whatever is at stake for this travel, it is obviously not as valuable as your life or the lives of others involved. While it is true that the media's coverage of impending bad weather gets more exaggerated every year, it is also true that sometimes those outlets prove to be accurate in their predictions. The world can get along without another business deal, but it might have trouble getting along without you.

Not everyone can afford a private charter jet, but if the trip is important enough and your delay threatens to be long, private jets often get flying long before commercial airliners. Writing for PrivateFly.com on LinkedIn, Adam Twidell reminds us that most of the time, when commercial airlines are grounded, private jets can still get you where you need to be. Because they are smaller crafts, they can land at more airports with smaller runways, and because weather can be hyper-localized, they might be able to find an airport near your intended destination that isn't as hard-hit by the ice and snow. Additionally, even when they are forced to stay on the ground, they don't take as long to get aloft once things clear up; airports sometimes take a whole day just to get things in physical shape appropriate for flight.

Don't forget to think about the shoe situation, says Sara McCord of StilettoDash.com. If you need to walk around in horrible conditions, your best shoes probably won't make it. In those rare situations where you can wear weather-friendly boots or something as well as bring some good shoes with you, it might be possible to make a change at the venue, 'though what you will do with the wet boots when you make the switch is another concern. A better option might be to find something professionally stylish that can deal with the weather, perhaps a "pair of boots that can handle the weather, without making you look too casually dressed," or find something that looks good and is inexpensive enough that you don't mind ruining it just for the trip, what McCord calls "sacrifice shoes."

Depending on the specific needs of your trip, you might be able to meet others at some other, less weather-stricken location. It might be less than ideal, but when an in-person meeting is a must, everyone involved will be somewhat happy not to have to deal with weather. If sheltering in place and conferring through some other means is not an option, look at something logistically feasible that will do the trick.

Staying flexible, staying informed, and knowing when to let Mother Nature simply have her way may be the only real strategies you need as you navigate the difficult terrain of doing business in the dismal months of winter and early spring. Remember the little boy throwing punches at the raindrops, then find a way instead to dodge them, take shelter from them, or simply let them wash over you.


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Tips For The Traveling Executive: Dealing With Bad Weather - Executive Leadership Articles

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