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The Internet of Things: Four Recent IoT Developments
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The Internet of Things: Four Recent IoT Developments - Executive Leadership Articles

The Internet of Things: Four Recent IoT Developments

Executive Leadership Articles

The Internet of Things: Four Recent IoT Developments

The Internet of Things is a hot topic. There are news and fresh commentary every day, trumpeting some development or opining on some pitfall. Based on consumer-level messaging through the recent holiday season and retail-level buzz at last year’s trade shows, 2017 could be a breakthrough year for the IoT, for better or worse, so it helps to keep up with what’s going on. Toward this awareness we offer a few recent developments in the IoT.

LG Introduces Competition for Amazon Echo and Google Home
The smart home personal assistant aisle seems to be getting more crowded with LG’s announcement that it will release Hub Robot, a voice-activated command center similar to Amazon Echo and Google Home. Like the other devices, it will manage household devices and personal services, but unlike its competition, LG already has its own smart appliances which will ostensibly work seamlessly with the Wall-E-looking device. With connectable stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners, vacuums, washers, dryers, and home security hardware already on the market, not to mention smart phones, there’s a ton of infrastructure in place, waiting for the practical inter-functionality a control device like this might provide.

A Slowdown in New Product Foreshadows a Market Contraction
In a column on Forbes.com, IoT analyst Mike Krell points to an end-of-2016 slowdown in buzz from new vendors, adding that there are too many varied platforms. Smaller players will fall by the wayside or be acquired by bigger providers. We saw similar casualties on the battlefield over tablet sales a few years ago, so this vision seems plausible, especially with the increasing frequency of pop-culture references to only a few big-name control devices.

Mozilla Foundation Declares 2017 “Inflection Point” for Citizens and IoT
“A pervasive Internet isn’t a novelty or a linear step forward,” writes Mark Surman for the Mozilla Foundation, “It’s an extraordinary leap that brings online power grids, emergency alert systems, pacemakers and appliances. It requires our deep thought and attention. And it needs a guiding set of principles.” Surman points to a paper by the Netgain Partnership, titled “We All Live in the Computer Now.” The Partnership, an affiliation of non-profits committed to “an internet in the public interest,” highlights specific areas of concern for keeping the net safe and beneficial for its users. With the number of smart devices early in its explosion phase, now is the time to ask big questions about security and privacy, and to establish these concerns as primary considerations in rapidly evolving smart homes, smart businesses, and smart cities.

Consumer Technology Association Names Awardees at CES 2017
The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is an enormous display of fun, practical, new-concept products, and the CTA announced its Innovation Awards for this year’s event. They include a wifi-enabled hairbrush that lets the user know if he or she is brushing with the proper force or speed; a personal vision tracker that assesses a user’s vision so he or she can order eyeglasses online; a smart dog collar that tracks a pet’s activity; a smart bed; and an elegant, sleek fitness tracker users wear as a ring. Thirty-six devices are highlighted, including toys and the usual assortment of monitors and computer gadgets.

It Looks Like a Big Year
Very early in 2017, it seems this could be a year of huge shifts in the IoT landscape as well as greater consumer acceptance and expectations. It’s an enormous topic with big implications for quality of living, and definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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The Internet of Things: Four Recent IoT Developments - Executive Leadership Articles

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