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Mobile App Review: Quote Photo Creators
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Mobile App Review: Quote Photo Creators - Executive Leadership Articles

Mobile App Review: Quote Photo Creators

Executive Leadership Articles

Mobile App Review: Quote Photo Creators

Honestly, quote photos on social media can get annoying very quickly. Let’s face it, though. Instagram stopped being just a photo-sharing social platform almost as quickly as it was launched. As the new default social media platform for most young people, it’s still a spot for sharing photos, but it’s also “visual Twitter” as one app designer called it, a photo-rich “what are you up to?” microblogging service. It also serves as advertising space, self-promotion space, and interactive tell-me-how-you’re-feeling space, much like a stripped-down, quick-scrolling Facebook.

We’ll sidestep snarkiness here and say that quote photos are quick builders for personal (and even corporate) brands. A catchy photo, a pretty font, and inspiring words will often stop the quick-scroll long enough for followers to pause and double-tap the screen to add a heart. Although quote photos are most at home on Instagram, Twitter is also very friendly toward the form, and of course anything that can be shared on those platforms can be shared on Facebook.

The ingredients for building quote photos have been available for ages, but only fairly recently have apps emerged with quote photos specifically in mind. Open the app, choose a template, add a photo, type in your quote, and share share share. Designers put the templates together, so the creator need not know the first thing about design theory, and while some might scoff at this kind of mass-production, just-add-photo creativity, it’s difficult to argue with the results. This stuff looks great.

For this reason, a large number and wide range of templates, a huge catalogue of photos, and a decent number of fonts are the most critical features. With so many quote photos flying through our social streams, we do not want our work to look like everyone else’s, and a multitude of options makes this workable. Some customization is nice, so fonts can be rotated or highlighted, type can be stretched or transformed, and separate template elements can be moved about. Quick sharing to multiple platforms doesn’t hurt either.

Of the apps we road-tested, our clear favorite is Adobe’s Spark Post, which does quite a bit more than generate social-media-friendly quote photos, so if you’re looking for a good header for your Eventbrite mailout or a flyer to share on platforms friendly to different-sized images, start here. The onboard photo library is great and the templates are amazing. Different upgrade plans unlock other features, but for simple quote photos, everything you need is free.

Canva began as a web app, and many desktop publisher still use it primarily this way, but the iPad and iPhone apps are sleek and sexy, and extremely easy to use. Right at the top of the screen are format options ranging from Instagram and Facebook Cover to Kindle Cover, Business Card, and YouTube Art. The templates are gorgeous, and while the text editing is something less than intuitive, once you get the hang of it, it’s quick and impressive. Like Spark, Canva offers a premium level for about the same price, a must if you’re collaborating but probably unneeded if you’re just making quote photos.

We put a few other apps through their paces, and after the incredible flexibility of Canva and Spark, everything else felt flat. However, for a quick job, just add a photos, pick a type style, add your text, and share, WordSwag produced some good-looking photos, although it’s extremely moody about the way it renders punctuation! Unacceptable in many cases. Instaquote works similarly with slightly less beautiful results, and it adds a watermark. The $.99 upgrade is totally worth it if you decide you like the app, which we found out unintentionally when we pressed the home button to escape the app while we were in the upgrade screen. Reading our thumbprint, the phone assumed we wanted to purchase the upgrade. We also still like A Beautiful Mess, which we mentioned when in our review of other camera apps.

Unless you want the fewest bells and whistles possible, our recommendation is to begin with Spark or Canva, and move along to something simpler if they’re too complicated. Happy quoting!


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Mobile App Review: Quote Photo Creators - Executive Leadership Articles

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