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Just For Nonprofits: Using Facebook Live’s New “Donate” Button
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Just For Nonprofits: Using Facebook Live’s New “Donate” Button - Executive Leadership Articles

Just For Nonprofits: Using Facebook Live’s New “Donate” Button

Executive Leadership Articles

Just For Nonprofits: Using Facebook Live’s New “Donate” Button

In 2016, Facebook rolled out two features of interest to nonprofit organizations. As the year draws to a close, the social network connects these features in an effort to help nonprofits even further: the “donate” button, available to a select group of vetted, U.S.-based agencies with Facebook pages, can be attached to regular Facebook users’ videos on Facebook Live. Now, individual supporters can “go live” with such awareness campaigns as last year’s Ice-Bucket Challenge, and their friends can click a “donate” button while they’re watching, making a financial contribution through Facebook’s in-house payment processing. Live fundraising broadcasts will also show progress bars toward fundraising goals.

Nonprofit groups who’ve already been vetted to receive donations directly through their Facebook pages, as we discussed a few months ago, can receive donations this way right now. Additionally, Facebook has announced a partnership with Network for Good, connecting users to an additional 150,000 American charitable organizations, according to Mashable. Any funds raised with this tool on Tuesday, November 29’s “Giving Tuesday” will have Facebook’s standard 5% processing fee waived.

Facebook Live has been more popular with its users than many of the pundits expected. Users are going live with their kids’ soccer games, the big concert in town, their nightly beauty routines, and the view of the sunset from the park, not to mention current awareness campaigns like the “22-Push-Up Challenge.” Imagine your supporters, young and old, going live with whatever they’re into, while also providing a “donate” button to encourage their friends and relatives to support your cause.

One of the nicest things about new tech tools like this is that users always come up with fun, creative uses the tool’s providers could never have foreseen. Get the young people on your team to set the ball in motion with whatever fun, interesting ideas they have, whether it’s a half-minute story, a three-minute mannequin challenge, or a one-hour walk along the beach with narration. Putting the tool in motion will generate new ideas.

Facebook has made live streaming video remarkably easy from mobile phones, desktop web cameras, or fancier setups with expensive gear. In a realm where engagement is key, it allows real-time interaction between you and your viewers as well as among viewers themselves via comments and responses, plus the increased intimacy a live broadcast provides. And it’s all archived for later viewing, in case your devoted followers can’t join in.

With several live-viewing options out there, it can be challenging to keep up. Does your social media team focus its energies on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, or whatever platform is about to emerge as the next thing? Yes, yes, and yes. Go where the people are, engage them in their stories, and get them involved in yours. Facebook Live is the latest flavor of the month, and although it could be old news before you know it, until its time passes, it’s there for you and your supporters. Have fun!

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Just For Nonprofits: Using Facebook Live’s New “Donate” Button - Executive Leadership Articles

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