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Hiring The Right Executive Can Propel Your Company To Success
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Hiring The Right Executive Can Propel Your Company To Success - Executive Leadership Articles

Hiring The Right Executive Can Propel Your Company To Success

Executive Leadership Articles

Hiring The Right Executive Can Propel Your Company To Success

Whether you are a major corporation or a small business, your success or failure lies with the executive at the helm of your organization. He is in charge of making the company’s most crucial day-to-day decisions, reversing the direction of the company when necessary, and charting a course for the company’s development and growth. Without a competent and experienced executive who is both compatible with the company culture and possesses the ambition, industry knowledge, and passion to lead a firm to success, companies will founder and find themselves losing money, clients, respect, and staff at an alarming rate. Before you hire the next man or woman responsible for your firm’s future, consider the following top two reasons that your prospective executive should be the best, brightest, and most compatible candidate across all levels of your company:

  • 1. Public Image – Executives serve as the “face” of an organization. Their demeanor, character, bearing, and even their appearance all impact how a company is viewed by the public. Hiring the right executive who knows how to interact with clients, constituents, donors, and partners can influence how those groups in turn interact with the company, whether through increased or decreased patronage, referrals, sponsorship, product purchases, or partnership opportunities, as well as positive or negative word of mouth. While there are many factors involved in affecting someone’s decision to support a company, at heart it boils down to a single basic principle: people do business with people they like and trust. If your executive leader can engender both of these responses in your constituents, your company will be better positioned to succeed.
  • 2. The Top-Down Effect – Just as executives are the “face” of an organization, they also determine the general work ethic and behavior of their staff. Leaders lead by example, whether they intend to or not, and staff members unconsciously look to the executive at the top to provide them with an example of what to strive for—or, in the case of bad leadership, what is required to simply ‘get by’ within the company. For example, if an executive demonstrates a lack of interest in his work and a lack of respect for his staff, which can be communicated through actions like not responding to important staff queries, being unavailable when urgent matters arise (otherwise known as going ‘off the grid’) and leaving staff members with the burden of making executive-level decisions, staff members in turn tend to view this as the acceptable standard within the company. However, if an executive demonstrates commitment, exercises sound judgment, treats all staff and constituents with respect, and leads by example, staff will follow suit.

For those companies seeking expert assurance that their next executive will have the work ethic, proficiencies, and experience required to lead their particular company, consider working with an international executive search recruiting firm like Resource Management & Acquisitions (RMA), which specializes in identifying, evaluating, vetting, and securing top executive talent. Staffing firms like RMA can provide you with efficient and comprehensive recruiting services that will get the job done—and get it done right. These firms will ensure that you hire the executive who will propel your company to success, exude the public image, and model the proper behavior that your firm needs not just to survive, but thrive.


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Hiring The Right Executive Can Propel Your Company To Success - Executive Leadership Articles

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