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Executives & Ethical Responsibility - Executive Leadership Articles

Executives & Ethical Responsibility

Executive Leadership Articles

Executives & Ethical Responsibility

One of the most crucial traits of today’s Executive Professional is ethical responsibility. Possess a solid sense of principle and your staff will follow you, your constituents and clients will trust you, and employers will hire you. Conduct yourself in a disreputable fashion and you will build a reputation infused with negativity, doubt, and suspicion, and only likeminded associates will flock to you. Whether you are a manager, director, Vice President, or the CEO of your company, here are three things you should do daily to help you establish yourself as a man or woman of morals and cultivate the reputation you deserve as the consummate business professional:

  • 1. Set the Standard for Your Staff – Whether they realize it or not, your staff members learn and amend their own behavior by watching the people at the top—including you! As an executive leader, you must model the work ethic, good judgment, and ethical responsibility that you wish to see in your subordinates before you can expect them to follow suit. When making any decision, whether it involves hundreds of people or just one, check your moral compass first before acting, as often in business the right path is not always the easy path and making a questionable judgment call that you think will never see the light of day can backfire. Live by the Executive Rule that, in business, you are always in the spotlight and your behavior in any given situation will not only be noted but followed, and have the potential to help or harm you later down the road.
  • 2. Exercise Transparency – Show your constituents, clients, and staff that your organization (and therefore you) has nothing to hide. Be honest about your numbers and your facts, and if you ever find yourself questioning if a staff member would be comfortable lying on your behalf, stop right there and make yourself take a giant step back. Expect ethical behavior at all levels and you will never find yourself in the awkward, reputation-crippling position that many leaders come to when caught doing something immoral.
  • 3. Build Your Reputation (and Hiring Potential) – By conducting yourself in a consistently irreproachable manner you will build a reputation for trustworthiness, which translates well to future job opportunities. By demonstrating that you possess solid principles to your staff, clients, and all your business associates, you will become the man or woman they turn to for assistance, advice, and with opportunities for advancement. In the powerful world of executives, being liked and being trusted are the keys to getting ahead.

Follow these three tips every day and you will be on the road to becoming a more valued employee and professional, as well as a respected leader within your current (and future) organization.


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Executives & Ethical Responsibility - Executive Leadership Articles

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