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Corporate Responsibility: Sharing The Good
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Corporate Responsibility: Sharing The Good - Executive Leadership Articles

Corporate Responsibility: Sharing The Good

Executive Leadership Articles

Corporate Responsibility: Sharing The Good

As we've discussed here many times, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not charity. It is an approach to business that aims for the well-being of multiple beneficiaries, including employees, customers, and the community, but not strictly at the sacrifice of financial gain. Many of today's consumers are interested in supporting businesses that aim for some kind of social responsibility, and there's nothing wrong with coveting that market.

Your organization strives to address the triple bottom line (profit, planet, and people). Is it reaching out to those consumers who most want to know? If you're delivering a tangible product with a certified Fair Whatever label, that may be enough, but without something to stick the label on, your services and efforts might be less visible. With something in excess of ninety percent (a made-up stat, but not an unreasonable one) of the Millennial market accessing social media every day, you could be taking your message right where they live, a service to you and to potential customers who want to support organizations making the effort.

A recent examination of popular social media channels reveals a great, unclaimed wilderness of contact space where your company could be meeting its public. Here's what came up when we did a hashtag search for #CSR.

Vine: One or two companies are posting sporadically; we counted four videos from three companies in the past six months sharing their CSR efforts. The Twitter-owned six-second video sharing service is still a meaning field of play for athletes and celebs, but it's a vast emptiness for CSR, just waiting for someone to make a serious, interesting move.

Instagram: The Facebook-owned social photo and video service is a monster with 79,500 results using the #csr tag. Sixty photos and videos bearing the tag have been posted in just the past ten hours, from a wide range of groups. It's true that it can be harder to be seen among such high traffic, but the nature of Instagram use is slightly different from that of Vine. Users typically check it multiple times per day, and its constant stream of fresh content keeps them coming back. Finding your people might mean posting several times per day. However, we're also talking about more eyes checking the stream more often.

Facebook: It can be difficult to come up with a meaningful number with Facebook hashtag searches. The results aren't sortable and there's a fair amount of noise among the signal. Still, in the past twenty-four hours are some great photos of organizations seeking the greater good.

Twitter: Twitter remains the best place for ongoing conversation about CSR, with many sharers of content regularly searching the #csr hashtag. There are a lot of major corporations sharing their efforts in this space, which means you join some pretty high-visibility tweeters when your tweets are shared by those who search for meaningful CSR-related content. Additionally, it is the nature of Twitter to engage, so your tagged tweets are likely to draw inquiries (or criticism, so be careful) and followers. Since Instagram and Vine play nicely with Twitter, photo and video content on Twitter by way of those other services can help you establish a following in those other spaces.

What it comes down to is connecting and engaging with people who share your interest in doing good, and the nice thing about that is the way people with a keen interest in CSR will actively seek you out. What will your presence be as they do?


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Corporate Responsibility: Sharing The Good - Executive Leadership Articles

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