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Corporate Responsibility: Making The Switch
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Corporate Responsibility: Making The Switch- Executive Leadership Articles

Corporate Responsibility: Making The Switch

Executive Leadership Articles

Corporate Responsibility: Making The Switch

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) isn't exactly new, but it's new enough that there aren't many consistencies from company to company in naming, responsibilities, prescribed experience, or preferred education. Some firms have entire departments focused wholly on CSR, while others include it as a component of some long-existing team deeper into the org chart, such as human resources or marketing. If you're thinking of making the switch, understand that CSR is a very loosely defined term, and you may have to search with wider parameters than if you were looking to jump into longer-established roles. Yet what awaits you can be an exciting challenge: a scan of the listings reveals opportunities to collaborate across many disciplines into realms and programs left for you to discover or create.

A search of online employment services reveals that corporations big and small, local and international are reaching into CSR, some with varyingly specific definitions. Although minimal educational qualifications are usually a Bachelor's degree, no major or course of study is singled out. English and business degrees are mentioned most often, but almost always as two of several possibilities. If your heart is pointing you toward CSR, it would appear that your skillset, ahead of your specific education, is the key.

Yet even the typical suggested skillset is one of those long, varied lists that says employers are looking for professionals experienced at doing good work. Certain words pop up just about all the time: collaboration, team player, clear communicator, project management, time management, and the usual familiarity with the usual computer apps. However, one requirement not seen every day does show up in a few of the listings--the ability to maintain strong, positive relationships with executives across departments.

Your search should begin with the "corporate social responsibility" keywords, but don't stop there, since many firms are practicing CSR without calling it that. Search also for words like "sustainability," "community," and "outreach." Think about specific realms of CSR involvement, such as education, career development, and corporate giving, and look for keywords relevant to those realms. This may be especially fruitful if you're looking in those areas where you have a strong background. For instance, your experience as a classroom teacher might give you a boost in areas involving some kind of curriculum development, staff development, corporate or community training, or assessment. You know the good buzzwords in that field if you've spent time in it. Similarly, if you've put in time in other fields, search for the buzzwords that might turn up CSR opportunities disguised as something else.

Some of the online employment services publish original articles related to specific careers, tagging such articles with "CSR" or "corporate social responsibility." Catch up on the past couple of years' worth of content with these tags, and keep an eye out for new, tagged content. Follow websites and blogs dedicated to CSR (such as CSR Wire and CSR Works), or browse the B Labs listing of B Corporations and target firms whose CSR visions match your own. The B Labs website also features a jobs board for openings at its member firms.

The world needs more people who have a heart for CSR, so if yours is leading you in that direction, cast a wide net and keep an open mind.

Reference Links:
CSR Wire: http://csrwire.com
CSR Works: http://csrworks.blogspot.com
B Labs: http://bcorporation.net


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Corporate Responsibility: Making The Switch- Executive Leadership Articles

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