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Corporate Responsibility: Honors and Awards For CSR
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Corporate Responsibility: Honors and Awards For CSR - Executive Leadership Articles

Corporate Responsibility: Honors and Awards For CSR

Executive Leadership Articles

Corporate Responsibility: Honors and Awards For CSR

One way to legitimize a social concept and bring it into conversation is to create an award that acknowledges excellence in either its concept or practice. For example, any of us wouldn’t know the first thing about a film’s art direction if not for the annual Best Production Design Oscar presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences each year. With corporate social responsibility (CSR) gaining traction as a smart way to do business, it seems reasonable that organizations wishing to encourage the practice would find some way to acknowledge excellence where it is done well.

Communities in which business is conducted are clear stakeholders in an organization’s “triple bottom line” (remember: planet, profit, people), so it makes sense for them to recognize publicly those firms who are doing good. One business community in England created the Barnsley and Rotherham Business Awards for excellence in that geographic area. This year, it presented its Corporate Responsibility and Environment Award to a local initiative called One Barnsley that encourages businesses to employ 2.5% of its staff in apprentice programs, a move that addresses the area’s high percentage of lesser educated citizens and gives them a chance to train for meaningful employment. More than 600 apprentices are now employed in 150 firms in the area. And “community” can mean a whole country: Ireland’s Department of Environment, Community and Local Government has given its Corporate Social Responsibility Awards for the past twelve years. This year’s applicants have collectively donated thirteen million euros and contributed more than 125,000 hours in volunteer work to projects in their local areas.

Industry awards are many and varied; just about every profession has them, so it nice to see some of them honoring CSR within their fields. The Communitas Awards are offered each year by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, who recently recognized U.S.-based Hypertherm, a manufacturer of plasma, laser, and waterjet cutting systems, in the category of volunteering. The company gives its associates 24 hours per year for volunteering on company time, and it awarded nearly 90 grants to non-profit organizations last year.

When awards for corporate social responsibility are given by social-cause organizations, recognition is given doubly, to the honored company and the social cause. The Humane Society International presented its Henry Spira Humane Corporate Progress award to Jet Airways, raising awareness of both the airline’s concern for the environment, banning the shipment of shark fins as cargo, and of its own crusade against the harvesting of shark fins, which are often taken from protected species.

CSR is a movement that deserves notice, and whether that notice comes through industry awards, regional awards, or social-cause awards, we all benefit from the awareness raised for community and cause.

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Corporate Responsibility: Honors and Awards For CSR - Executive Leadership Articles

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