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3 Executive Best Practices To Help You Stay Ahead Of The Game
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3 Executive Best Practices To Help You Stay Ahead Of The Game - Executive Leadership Articles

3 Executive Best Practices To Help You Stay Ahead Of The Game

Executive Leadership Articles

3 Executive Best Practices To Help You Stay Ahead Of The Game

1. Learn New Technology – Whether you are the CEO of your company, an Executive Vice President, or a Manager, reading up on the latest technology can keep both you—and your company—both relevant and useful. Regardless of your industry, there are many ways that you can harness technological advancements for your professional benefit. For example, learning new software and familiarizing yourself with the innovative tablet computers hitting the market (the iPad 2 is a popular example) can assist you in anything from problem solving to presentations to data management. By putting some of your knowledge to work within your organization and promoting a top-down respect for technology, your company will also gain a reputation as being tech savvy and cutting edge among your consumers, rather than antiquated and ‘behind the times,’ which drives away clients in today’s modern world. Whether fairly or not, technology is equated with youth, advancement, genius, innovation, and solutions—and doesn’t every company wish to be associated with these money-making terms? While you may think, “Technology? That’s what my IT staff is for!” the truth is that the more the Executive Leadership knows about what’s out there (and what your competition is probably already implementing), the easier it will be to not just keep up but leave your competitors in the dust.

2. Cultivate Staff Superstars – When recruiting bright young minds to join their teams and lead their company to success, Executive Leaders don’t always look within their own organizations. Oftentimes it’s easy to identify a current employee with a single industry or allow his current position to define him. However, as search recruiting firms like RMA will tell you, it is highly possible that the Compliance Manager or the Data Management Coordinator toiling diligently in their cubicles can become your next superstar through skill building, management courses, and mentorship. As many executives have learned, grooming the next company luminary can be a tough process, but with the right personality, positive outlook, ambition, and training, someone on your team could provide the fresh ideas and management boost that your company needs to keep ahead.

3. Partner…Even with the Competition – In today’s challenging business world of economic hardship and cut-throat competition, Executive Leaders are often focused on beating their rivals and don’t consider them as potential partners. It is important to note that the term “partner” does not always have to mean sharing business. Of course, in some cases, as when smaller companies pair together and use each other’s resources to tackle larger opportunities that they couldn’t compete for on their own, this can mean sharing profits and success. However, depending on what you need to get ahead, be it a referral or even an introduction, executives can establish mutually beneficial partnerships with other executives and companies to access areas of business that they could not have reached alone. Sometimes, if the right person shares the right information or whispers your name into the right ear, this can open doors that would have taken you years to open otherwise. A simple phone call, email, or even just a name can make all the difference. And, if you are ever fortunate enough to develop such a partnership, to ensure a long-lasting and positive relationship remember these three words: reciprocate, reciprocate, reciprocate.


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3 Executive Best Practices To Help You Stay Ahead Of The Game - Executive Leadership Articles

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