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Interview Tips: 10 Job Interview Action Items

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Interview Tips: 10 Job Interview Action Items

Interview Tips: 10 Job Interview Action Items

Interview Tips: 10 Job Interview Action Items

To most job seekers, including executive candidates, the job interview process is intimidating. For some, it can be as nerve-wracking as public speaking or watching your stocks plummet. Job seekers are expected to know things like how to dress for a job interview, ways to prepare for tough questions, and how to answer articulately and confidently. Those who know how to do these things nail their job interview and seal the deal with their professionalism, eloquence, affability, and careful preparation.

How do you join the small margin of the population that excels in interviews? Start with these job interview tips from RMA’s executive recruiters.

Action Items
Before and After the Job Interview
1. Rehearse: Before you set foot in your interviewer’s office, make sure you’ve practiced answering potential interview questions, such as “What is one of your weaknesses?” The trick is to familiarize yourself with a range of interview questions and answers so that when you are asked in real time, you won’t hesitate or stumble over your reply.

2. Market Yourself: Your resume should not be a dry laundry list. View it as a crucial and sophisticated marketing piece that has the potential to sell you to an employer before they even see you in the interview chair.

3. Show Appreciation: After the interview, send a thank you note. This demonstrates your professionalism and interest in the position and can set you apart from dozens of other executive candidates applying for the same job. In some instances, a thank you note can even encourage an interviewer to pull your resume out of the “no” pile.

4. Follow up…Once: Do not call interviewer every day to inquire about your status. Employers can interpret this as pestering. Instead, call just once one week after you mail the thank you letter.

5. Don’t Stop Job Hunting: Whether you have landed one interview or twenty, keep applying for jobs. Remember that this is your full time job until you land your executive dream job.

During the Job Interview
1. Manners Matter: Remember to be 10-15 minutes early for your job interview. When you first meet your interviewer, smile, give a firm handshake, and wait for the interviewer to be seated before you take your chair.

2. Reference Past Experiences: When answering questions, focus on referencing your past experience. This will showcase your knowledge, skill, and track record for success.

3. Don’t Stop at “No”: If you are asked a question about a job skill, your capabilities, or your experience, do not begin and end your response with “No.” For example, if you are asked, “Do you have experience doing x?” or “Do you have x skill?” and the answer is no, be honest but expand your answer to include your willingness to learn and your confidence that when trained you will be able to meet or exceed their expectations. This communicates to the interviewer that you are open to new tasks, self-assured, and a fast learner.

4. Don’t Put Your Interviewer in the Hot Seat: Never ask your interviewer, “So, how do you think I did?” This puts her in an uncomfortable position and you will rarely get an honest response. Instead, thank her for her time and say that you are looking forward to hearing from her.

5. Ask Questions: At the end of the job interview, you will be asked if you have any questions. Do not say no. This communicates disinterest, lack of confidence, and passivity. Instead prepare questions about managerial style and the next step in the hiring process beforehand so that when asked, you will appear assertive and engaged.

Interview Tips: 10 Job Interview Action Items

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